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CanNatyam offers performances by professional artists from across Canada in four distinct and enchanting styles, each originating from a different region of India. Curated by leading bharatanatyam artist Malavika Venkatsubbaiah, CanNatyam is a special initiative for the Thousand Faces Festival’s tenth anniversary celebration. Each show is a unique experience, only to be performed once.

General info

Stories from South Asia through Classical Dance

The Natyam Ensemble

Bharatanatyam dancers from Calgary and Edmonton led by Malavika Venkatsubbaiah

Sopanam Canada

A national kathakali dance ensemble performing a spectacular style never before seen in Edmonton

Roshni Sajiv Kumar

Edmonton-based Mohiniyattam dancer

Anannya Biswas

Toronto-based Odissi dancer 

Usha Dance Entourage

Edmonton kathak artists from the Usha Dance Entourage


Roshni Sajiv Kumar

Roshni Sajiv Kumar has been training in Bharatanatyam since the age four under the guidance of Smt. Vijayalakshmi. Following this, she started her training in Mohiniyattam at the age of five under the guidance of Sri. Sasi Kottakkal.

The Natyam Ensemble

Natyam Ensemble is creation-based dance company that has brought south-Asian dance to the forefront in Alberta. This brainchild of dancer, choreographer, and art educator Malavika Venkatsubbaiah, Natyam was established with the vision of cultivating and nurturing artistic excellence in the next generation of artists.

Anannya Biswas

Anannya is dedicated to the art of Odissi, one of the oldest art forms in India and her eternal love. She continues to perform at venues across Canada to share her love for Odissi with her international audiences.

Sopanam Canada Ensemble

Sopanam is a coalition of performing artists and art connoisseurs settled in Toronto, Ontario pursuing and promoting various classical dance forms of Kerala such as Kathakali , Mohiniyattam, Chakiyar Koothu , Ottamthullal, Padakam. Through sacred steps (Sopanam) of Indian classical dance, we seek to promote, research, develop and perform innovative dance productions.

Usha Dance Entourage

The Usha Dance Entourage is a foundational of Edmonton's South Asian Dance community nurtured over the past 30 years.



A dream for over 4 years is now a reality!

A deep desire to put forth an exclusive south-Asian dance festival to the Alberta audience showcasing the diversity, the vibrancy, the versatility, and the rich content that Indian classical dance and music has to offer has brewed in me for a very long time. Little did I imagine what started as a casual dialogue with Mark Henderson expressing my desire for a professionally curated festival for quality full length Indian classical dance presentations also bringing to light some of the lesser-known Indian classical dance to western Canada and his desire to create an exclusive platform for south-Asian artists interested in Thousand Faces Festival would conceive CanNatyam!

I am extremely grateful to Mark Henderson and his team for having faith in my expertise and inviting me to curate CanNatyam. With this I aim to bring to light the finer nuances these art forms have to offer and their adaptation to the contemporary arts scene while staying deep-rooted to their original vocabulary. A national dance festival, CanNatyam in its debut year will feature works of south-Asian dance and music exclusively by Canadian artists and choreographers from all across Canada.

CanNatyam will truly be a Weekend of heaven on stage! Do come and enjoy!

Malavika headshot.jpg
Virtual Symposium

What is it like to be a professional ethnic dancer in Canada representing classical and folk traditions from another country? The CanNatyam Online Symposium follows our festival’s featured dance artists who will address opportunities for theatrical enhancements to identify any gaps, barriers and challenges in achieving excellence in their artistic work and expression. The symposium will provide behind the scenes access to industry insider conversations, performances, insights from a successful traditional artist, and an online debrief session with the panelists.

Proud Partners for the CanNatyam Online Symposium

CanNatyam: Online Dance Symposium

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