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Report an Incident

We appreciate you taking the time to ensure our community stays safe and comfortable for every person. The following steps can help you report an incident that violates our Code of Conduct. Reports may be submitted anonymously.

To report an incident or make a formal complaint in writing please email and/or to ensure the message is conveyed to the appropriate board member. Please include in your email the details of the incident(s) (dates, times, any witnesses, what was said or done, when, and by whom), and whether you are reporting an incident or submitting a formal complaint. You may choose to submit your report or complaint anonymously (refer to our Code of Conduct for information on the confidentiality and anonymity of complaints).

Thousand Faces Festival Association Board member with extensive advocacy experience in the realm of human rights and civil society, Satya Das, will mediate any formal complaint made in writing to the Board of a Thousand Faces Festival. If you wish to meet with Satya, please indicate so in your email.

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