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Safe Spaces

We are lucky to have you celebrating with us. Togetherness is the name of the game, and without you, we would not be able to have the Thousand Faces Festival year after year.

Thousand Faces is committed to providing a safe, inviting and inclusive atmosphere for our attendees, artists, workers, and volunteers. We work around the clock to ensure our spaces are safe for everyone.

Code of Conduct

The Thousand Faces Festival Association is committed to providing an environment that is free from harassment, bullying, discrimination, and other unwelcome behaviours. All artists, arts workers, volunteers, stakeholders, clients, and audience members are to be treated with respect, dignity, and inclusiveness to contribute to a workplace environment free from harassment. This Code of Conduct is intended to protect the dignity, well-being and self-esteem of these aforementioned individuals.

Incident Reporting

If you have been on the receiving end of discrimination, abuse, animosity, harassment, assaults or threats, please report it by pressing the button below.


Don't be a bystander! If you witness someone else experiencing any of the above, report it! 

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