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Volunteer With Us!

Do you have a passion for art? Do you love to help others? Do you want to learn about the world around you and make new friends? If so, consider volunteering at this year's Festival! We need volunteers for all sorts of roles, from hospitality and event management to assisting with crowd control!

Available Roles

Front of House 
Situated at the main entrance of performance venues, greet attendees when they arrive. Provide information about performances, services, and programs. Encourage attendees to make donations and monitor donation boxes.

Stationed at the four main entrances of the Festival site, you will be the first face that attendees meet when they enter. Supervise donation boxes, greet attendees, and encourage them to experience different performances happening across the site.

Food Preparation
Help prepare and serve food for the Mythic Treasures Cabaret & Feast. Perform food prep and plating for the Festival (food will be served buffet-style). Set up plates and utensils with guidance from a staff member.


Perform a variety of roles (usher, greeter, front of house, etc.) and relieve other volunteers when they go on breaks. You should be well rounded and familiarize yourself with other roles. 

Environmental Team
Working in a team of two, your job will be to maintain the cleanliness of the Festival site. Change garbage bags, clean up spills and messes, and restock indoor/outdoor bathroom facilities as needed. You will be provided cleaning supplies, gloves, and masks. 

ProServe required for this position. Serve alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages and snacks to Festival attendees. Check IDs and take payments from guests. You will not be required to mix drinks. 

Volunteers for this role should be 18 or older. Monitor attendees and guide them through the Festival site. Make sure that guests are seated (depending on performance location), monitor that alcohol does not leave licensed areas, and provide guests with event information when asked. 

Cash Runner 
Working in a team of two, you will be responsible for bringing cash from donation boxes and excess cash from the bar back to the count room. Count money under the supervision of Festival staff. 
Volunteer and Artist Check-In
Provided with a spreadsheet containing volunteer and artist names, you will check them in when they arrive at the Festival. When checking in volunteers, remind them of their role for the day and provide a brief description if needed. 

Site Crew
You should be able to lift up to 50 pounds for this position. Help the site crew set up the Festival site’s outdoor space. Operate hand tools provided by the Festival. It is recommended that you bring your own personal protective equipment. The time commitment for this role will be 8-hour shifts with a lunch break or 4-hour shifts.

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