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Fri. July 14th & Sat. July 15th, 6:45pm

Mingle Ensemble, with Marcus Fung and Herman Lau

Tales Wise and Wonderful

Through music, movement, and live storytelling, Tales Wise and Wonderful shares four Chinese folk tales with audiences. From a diva musician to seven sisters with supernatural talents, these stories explore how we find contentment - in family, in knowing where we belong, and in being at peace with ourselves.

Jia Jia Yong: music and movement
Yeng Chang: storytelling
Herman Lau: movement
Marcus Fung: music and storytelling

Mingle Ensemble is a performance collaboration between Yeng Chang and Jia Jia Yong. Yeng is a storyteller passionate about exploring life’s journeys through our connections with each other and the past. Jia Jia is a harpist, composer, and director. She loves discovering new ways to engage and showcase traditional arts and culture in contemporary performance art. For this performance, Mingle Ensemble is thrilled to collaborate with two local artists. Marcus Fung is a musician and storyteller who believes in the transformative possibilities of music and the healing arts. He continues to learn and grow in his community where he likes to refer to himself as a re-generative culture artist. Herman Lau is a martial artist and circus coach. A lifelong student of diverse styles spanning the spectrum from performance arts to combat sports to wellbeing work, Herman now teaches and performs at various locations around Edmonton.

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