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Fri. July 14th & Sat. July 15th, 6:45pm

Karilagan Dance Society

For Apo

This presentation is paying homage to a great Munbaki to his people and Apo to his family
through Filipino dance and storytelling.

Choreography/Direction: Jeannine Kroening
Musicians: Jonah Andres and John Naboye
Dancers: Dante Abuan, Isabel Abuan, William Bautista, Kayla Domingo, Meteah Indradat, Christine Naboye, Jayden Naboye, Keoni Tan

Content Advisories: Male dancers dancing in a traditional loincloth called a “bahag.”

Special thanks to Ate Memen and Ate Grace for their support in this project!

Karilagan Dance Society is a non-profit organization composed of Filipino-Canadians who aim to live and share Filipino culture in the community through the performing arts, especially through Filipino folk dancing. Karilagan has recently celebrated their 52nd anniversary this month and attended the Honolulu Festival back in March. Karilagan has also traveled abroad to compete in international competitions such as the Dance Grand Prix Italia in Censantico, Italy and the World Dance Competition at Disney World in Florida.

Jeannine Kroening (Naboye) is a Filipino-Canadian artist currently finishing up her Bachelors of Arts in Drama at the University of Alberta and minor in Arts and Cultural Management at MacEwan University. She is also a graduate of MacEwan University’s Theatre Arts program. As a member of Karilagan Dance Society since 2006, she hopes to elevate Filipino storytelling and share the culture through folk dance.

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