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Fri. July 14th & Sat. July 15th, 6:45pm

Antonio Bavaro

The Trials of Irpinia

Told & retold from one generation of Antonio's family to another, this terrific tale takes place in the pastoral hillsides & valleys of Campania, Italy. Hear the tribulations of the hero & his friends as they take on a magical quest from 125 years ago!

Special thanks to my Zio Gerardo Bavaro (RIP) & Zia Angela Turturro.

Antonio Bavaro lives, learns & loves liminality; from being a born & raised north side inner city Edmontonian of mixed English/Scottish/Irish & southern Italian descent to their explorations in the performative worlds of creative expression as a proud gender fluid queer artist. From musical theatre, dance, music, comedy, writing, cabaret production, drag, burlesque, performance art, community development & social change; Antonio is delighted to share this enchanting Neapolitan family story with all the souls witnessing the magic of myth at this wonderful community festival!

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