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Sun. July 16th, 1:00pm

Mythic Quest Ensemble

The Timeless Travellers in the Quest for the Lost Shield!

Theatre Prospero's Kids’ Mythic Quest Adventures presents The Timeless Travellers in The Quest for The Lost Shield! In this interactive theatre experience, four time travellers meet, each representing a different element (Fire, Earth, Air and Water) and set out on a quest to raise their banners, rediscovering skills the travellers have forgotten. Can you help unite the travellers on their quest?

Director: Jennifer Spencer
Script: Jaysel Arroyo, Angie Bustos, Natasha Riddell, Jennifer Spencer and Asia Weinkauf-Bowman
Stage Manager: Galen Hite
Designer: Rebecca Cypher

Celia: Jaysel Arroyo
Apollo: Angie Bustos
Frank: Brennan Campbell
Juniper: Asia Weinkauf-Bowman

Content Advisories: Optional audience interaction and games.

Special thanks to: Kim, Edmonton Arts Council, and Norwood Neighbourhood Association.

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