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Sebastian Barrera K-Days

Sebastian Barrera

performing "Musica"

  • Saturday, July 22nd - 1:00pm

  • Sunday, July 23rd - 3:00pm

  • Saturday, July 29th - 1:00pm

In a captivating theatre piece, the origins of music unfold before us. The hang drum's ethereal resonance set the rhythmic foundation, syncopating with heartbeats. The guitar's gentle strums whisper melodies, evoking emotions beyond words. Voices harmonize, blending into a tapestry of unity and expression. Together, guitar and voice unravel the profound rhythm, melody, and harmony tale, celebrating music's primal origins.

Sebastian Barrera, a versatile and multi-talented artist, shines as a theatre director, musician, filmmaker, and actor. Hailing from Chile, his creative journey took him through the vibrant cultures of Brazil and Spain. With a deep-rooted passion for community development and activism, Sebastian's work resonates with social consciousness. For the past 13 years, he has called Edmonton, Alberta, home, immersing himself in its thriving arts scene. Through his artistic pursuits, Sebastian continues to inspire, provoke thought, and create meaningful connections with audiences around the world.

Jaguar Bajwa K-Days

Jaguar Bajwa
& Group

performing "East Meets West HipHop"

  • Saturday, July 22nd - 3:00pm

Get ready for an explosive showcase as Jaguar Bajwa and his group prepares to set the stage on fire with their upcoming "East meets West HipHop" performance at K-days. With a perfect blend of Eastern and Western influences, Bajwa and his crew promise a mesmerizing fusion of music, dance, and cultural flavors. Their dynamic music mix and infectious beats will leave the audience in awe. This highly anticipated event is a testament to the power of diversity and the universal language of music, promising an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Jaguar Bajwa is an emerging force in the world of Punjabi hip hop, captivating audiences with his infectious beats and thought-provoking lyrics. With a unique fusion of Punjabi culture and contemporary hip hop elements, his music resonates with fans worldwide. Bajwa's talent has taken him to prestigious stages, including performances at the United Nations and UNESCO Center for Peace, where he showcased his ability to bridge cultural gaps through the power of music. His captivating live shows have graced other international organizations, leaving a lasting impact on diverse audiences. 


Not limiting his talents to international platforms, Bajwa has been an integral part of the local music scene, performing at renowned events and institutions like Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and Grant MacEwan University. One unique aspect of Bajwa's artistic expression is his incorporation of Punjabi Zumba into his performances. With this innovative blend of Punjabi folk dance and Zumba fitness, he promotes inclusion, joy, and the celebration of Punjabi culture and humanity. With each performance, he continues to push boundaries and inspire others, making a lasting impact on the music industry and leaving a trail of enthusiasm in his wake.

Vocalists: Oyedamola Oyedayo Folajin, Scott Brooks

Musicians: Sebastian Narvaez, Omar Adrian Fernanez Henriquez, Ben Taylor, Vinny

Photography: Luis Escudero
Manager: Alejandra Suarez

Open Styles K-Days
UofA's Open Styles Dance - Artist Photo.JPG

U of A's Open Styles Dance

performing "Open Styles Dance:
A Showcase"

  • Sunday, July 23rd - 1:00pm

  • Saturday, July 29th - 3:00pm

Open Styles Dance is a student-led club showcasing a series of 16 pieces focusing on various styles and histories that exist within the Edmonton dance community, including pieces in afro, bollywood, breaking, hip hop, dancehall, house, waacking, vogue kpop, jazz funk, and more...and ending with an audience-involved cypher! Come for the vibes, have a great time and celebrate dance with us!

Open Styles Dance is a student-led club in the University of Alberta focused on spreading the love for dance and connecting students with the general dance community through drop in classes, a performance team and specific styles classes that explore different dance styles and their history. Started by a group of breakers in 2016, the club has grown to encompass a variety of styles reflected in Edmonton's dance community, and is working to build student relationships, a sense of community and knowledge in dance. OSD aims to be an accommodating and safe space and provide accessible programming to students and the community! With roots in freestyle, OSD encourages students to be themselves and offer opportunities for learning and leadership!

Performance Team Set Choreographers: Adina Zholdybaeva, Arsenio Molina,  Ela Licardo, Gabby Morgensztern, Graceli Licardo, Mi Zhou, Senuki Somatillaka, Thando Nkala


Other Pieces:

Afro - Achai Arop

Hip Hop - Mi Zhou

Breaking - Jeff Baglinit, Jin Lee, Renand Fulgueras, Sion Kim

Dancehall - Siri Nelson

Waacking - Ryen Pasinos

House - Adina Zholdybaeva

Vogue - Maria Milanowski

Bollywood - Anjali Krishna

Jazz Funk - Graceli Licardo

Kpop - Shawn Coso

Fusion - Melissa Quito, Gabby Morgensztern

Fusion - Ela Licardo, Camille Villoso


Performance Director: Adina Zholdybaeva

Production Manager: Graceli Licardo


All Dancers: Achai Arop, Adina Zholdybaeva, Anjali Krishna, Camille Villoso, Carmen Chin, Daryl Cabildo, Ela Licardo, Gabby Morgensztern, Gloria Li, Graceli Licardo,  Jandall Go, Jeffrey Baglinit, Jin Lee, Katelyn Chia, Mahika Garg, Mackenzie Luong, Maria Milanowski, Mariia Valiieva, Melissa Quito, Megan Alvarez, Mi Zhou, Misora Hondo, Reina Ronquillo, Renand Fulgueras, Ryen Pasinos, Shawn Coso, Shiho Hasegawa, Sion Kim, Siri Nelson, Thando Nkala, Tracy Cai

Mingle Ensemble K-Days

Mingle Ensemble, with Marcus Fung & Herman Lau

performing "Tales Wise and Wonderful"

  • Monday, July 24th - 1:00pm

  • Friday, July 28th - 3:00pm

Through music, movement, and live storytelling, Tales Wise and Wonderful shares four Chinese folk tales with audiences. From a diva musician to seven sisters with supernatural talents, these stories explore how we find contentment - in family, in knowing where we belong, and in being at peace with ourselves.

Jia Jia Yong - Music & Movement
Yeng Chang - Storytelling
Herman Lau - Movement
Marcus Fung - Music & Storytelling

Mingle Ensemble is a performance collaboration between Yeng Chang and Jia Jia Yong. Yeng is a storyteller passionate about exploring life’s journeys through our connections with each other and the past. Jia Jia is a harpist, composer, and director. She loves discovering new ways to engage and showcase traditional arts and culture in contemporary performance art. For this performance, Mingle Ensemble is thrilled to collaborate with two local artists. Marcus Fung is a musician and storyteller who believes in the transformative possibilities of music and the healing arts. He continues to learn and grow in his community where he likes to refer to himself as a re-generative culture artist. Herman Lau is a martial artist and circus coach. A lifelong student of diverse styles spanning the spectrum from performance arts to combat sports to wellbeing work, Herman now teaches and performs at various locations around Edmonton.

Jia Jia Yong - Mingle Ensemble with Marcus and Herman - Artist Photo 1.jpg
Usha Kala Niketan K-Days

Usha Kala Niketan

performing "Rhythm of Ages"

  • Monday, July 24th - 3:00pm

  • Wednesday, July 26th - 1:00pm

  • Friday, July 28th - 3:00pm

Indian Mythology, The Kathakas, of the Mahabarata was a special group of storytelling. Dance and Music have always played an important part in India’s religious and social life. Kathak, as the name suggests, originated in the India’s gigantic belt, where the Brahmins (priests), while recounted stories based on Hindu mythology reached the point of ecstasy in their devotion, which manifested itself through the medium of dance. Until now, Kathak dance was limited to men. But today, women dancers also participate in the dance. Women started dancing in the court to please the King, but later, with intellectual Kathak dancers the approach was changed and from the court, it traveled to the theatre and it took the shape of group dancing.


You are now here, today, in 2023, ready to be thrilled by the evolution of Kathak dance and its contemporary choreography. You will see Usha Kala Niketan’s young talent who are participating, being the torch bearing the future Kathak. Hopefully they will fly with new wings keeping the same roots. USHA KALA NIKETAN delivers the classical dance, maintaining the standard and delivery of the past into today’s time and place.

Performers: Usha Gupta, Kuljot Singh Kainth, Sia Arora, Thariniy Sutharsan, Harneet Kaur, Navneet Athwal, Indu Sindu, Anika Gahun, Sanya Thapar, Nitu Jiwnani, Riana Darira

July 24th Dances: Sri Nithya, Ganesha Gotuvam, Indu Tarana, Teen Thaal, Hindole, Sargam, Group Tarana

July 26th Dances: Sri Nithya, Pushpanjali, Tharana Darbari, Teen Thaal, Hindole, Sargam, Group Tarana

July 28th Dances: Ganesha Gotuvam, Indu Tarana , Tharana Darbari, Shiva Pushpanjali, Teen Thaal, Sargam, Gehnabithi - Thillana, Group Tarana

Mythic Quest K-Days

Mythic Quest Ensemble

performing "The Timeless Travellers in the Quest for the Lost Shield!"

  • Tuesday, July 25th - 3:00pm

  • Wednesday, July 26th - 3:00pm

  • Thursday, July 27th - 3:00pm

Theatre Prospero's Kids’ Mythic Quest Adventures presents The Timeless Travellers in The Quest for The Lost Shield! In this interactive theatre experience, four time travellers meet, each representing a different element (Fire, Earth, Air and Water) and set out on a quest to raise their banners, rediscovering skills the travellers have forgotten. Can you help unite the travellers on their quest?

Director: Jennifer Spencer
Script: Jaysel Arroyo, Angie Bustos, Natasha Riddell, Jennifer Spencer and Asia Weinkauf-Bowman
Stage Manager: Galen Hite
Acting Stage Manager: Jeannine Kroening
Designer: Rebecca Cypher

Celia: Jaysel Arroyo
Apollo: Angie Bustos
Frank: Brennan Campbell
Juniper: Asia Weinkauf-Bowman

Special thanks to: Kim, Edmonton Arts Council, and Norwood Neighbourhood Association.


Thousand Faces Festival Staff

Aidan McBride: Festival Producer

Soni Dasmohapatra: Artist Curator

Amanda Samelson: K-Days Host &  Marketing Manager

Jeannine Kroening: Artist Liason

Kevin Green: Production Manager / Technical Director

Rebecca Cypher: Lighting Designer

Mark Henderson: Artistic Director

Ami Farrow: Associate Artistic Director

Rhiannon Eldridge: Techician

Annikka Dobko: Business Development Officer

Jennifer Wanke: General Manager

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