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About the Show

The Creature in the Dark follows Salmon as they venture away from their home in search of a mysterious Creature that has taken over the lands. Salmon must learn to be brave as they encounter other animals, some friendly and some not. Will Salmon succeed in their quest? Will they discover what or who this Creature really is?

A new mythic puppet adventure, written by Anishinaabe playwright Josh Languedoc (Rocko and Nakota: Tales From the Land). Drawing on the wisdom from many mythologies and featuring puppets designed by Edmonton Puppet Master Randall Fraser (Little Shop of Horrors, Urashima Taro). Directed by Maralyn Ryan and Mark Henderson.


Meet Some of the Team!



Maralyn Ryan is an accomplished puppeteer founding a company devoted to the art of the puppet, “Kaybridge Puppets”. Her resume of shows includes original and folk tales that have been performed for countless schools, libraries, arts and community festivals throughout Alberta spanning some 35 years.

Puppet workshops have also taken her across Alberta, working with youth from Kindergarten to high school.She was a featured puppeteer for an Access Television series of indigenous stories performed with shadow puppets. These videos were distributed to school and libraries throughout Canada. As theatres, schools, libraries, and festivals host more and more puppet work, she acknowledges there is an even greater adherence to this brilliant art form and relishes it’s enduring embrace in our lives.



Josh Languedoc is an Anishinaabe playwright, theatre creator, and educator currently living in Amiskwaciy Waskahigan (Edmonton) and is a proud member of Saugeen First Nation. For the past 2 years, Josh has been touring his acclaimed solo show Rocko and Nakota: Tales From the Land across Canada. Other projects include: The Eyes Of Spirits (Dreamspeakers), CIVIL BLOOD: A Treaty Story (Thou Art Here Theatre), Feast (University of Alberta; Tiny Bear Jaws) and IN-COR-RI-GI-BLE: The Legend of Thundervoice (Blyth Festival). Josh is currently a masters candidate at the University of Alberta’s MFA Theatre Practices program focusing on Indigenous playwriting and theatre creation methodology. Josh is also the Youth Education and Outreach Coordinator for Workshop West Playwrights Theatre. Josh is a member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada.



Mark Henderson is an Edmonton Actor, Director and Producer. One of the original minds behind both the Thousand Faces Festival and Theatre Prospero, he is currently  Artistic Director of both.  He also conceived of the Serca Festival of Irish Theatre, which he ran from 2009 to 2015. Mark is a big fan of things mythic, epic, and poetic. Notable directing credits include Tololwa Mollel’s prototype Anthem of Life with Jennifer Spencer, Reneltta Arluk’s Pawâkan Macbeth (with Barry Bilinsky); Hamlet, Medea and other Mytho – Poetical and /or Irish shows old and new for Theatre Prospero and the Serca Festival. Acting highlights include Pat and others in Jennifer Spencer’s Maggie Now Series of Plays for Theatre Prospero/Workshop West, and Claudius in Hamlet and Alonso in The Tempest for Theatre Prospero. Puppetry highlights include playing an octopus, a manta ray and a school of fish across Canada in Iguanadon Theatre’s Fishwhiskers, and animating Otis the Owl with Wayne Jeanotte in the based television series Bee Alert Bert.
When not doing things like the above, Mark likes to parent, paddle, cycle, fish, hike, think, swim, eat, and plot his next move.


Senior Puppeteer

Gomathi Boorada is the artistic Director of Shivamanohari School of Performing arts, Edmonton, as trained Kuchipudi dancer shes worked extensively in South Asian Dance, Drama, and theatre. Over the past 11 years she worked at SSDM Alberta community theatre in Edmonton in the capacity of dancer and puppeteer presenting shows and offering dance workshops in community schools. She has worked with Indonesian Institute of Arts and University of Gadjah Mada in the capacity of Guest lecturer offering lectures, seminars and workshops. She has had the honour to be  trained in the art of “Tholu Bommalata” Indian Shadow leather puppetry under Mr.Shivakumar Shinde, Dharmavaram,India and in “Wayang Kulit” Javanese  shadow puppetry at University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakartha, Indonesia under  Mr. Anggara Sri Wisnu.



Ami Farrow is an Edmonton-based theatre designer originally from Saskatoon. She earned a BFA at the University of Saskatchewan and her MFA in Theatre Design at the University of Alberta. She is also a full member of the Associate Designers of Canada in costume, set and lighting design.

Ami is the resident designer for Theatre Prospero and has designed and built many aspects of Theatre Prospero's touring and in-house productions since 2005. Via Theatre Prospero’s residencies Ami has worked within various Edmonton schools creating costumes sets and props with children.

Ami has lit shows for Edmonton’s Shadow Theatre and also often works as a stage manager, lighting designer and dancer with Luna Dance Fusion. Ami's designs outside of Edmonton include many productions for Rosebud Theatre (Calgary), productions at Persephone Theatre in Saskatoon and she was a resident designer for Theatre Junction in Calgary. Ami production designed The Highest Step in the World which toured western Canada and won the Betty Mitchell Award for Outstanding Production of a Play and the Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology's Award of Technical Merit.

Ami also loves to dance, play guitar and raise her two darling children.


Puppet Designer

For the past 33 years Randall Fraser has created theatre and special events in Edmonton, Alberta, and around the world. As a founding member of the Trickster Theatre Residency program, he has directed and developed 100’s of plays and performances with students from K-12. He is also and award winning set, lighting, prop and costume designer. Randall is also a puppet designer, performer, and instructor.

Randall’s passion is to use the theatre and performing arts as a way of connecting people to their own creativity and being creative as part of a group or community.

When not making theatre Randall is the Artistic Director of the National Stiltwalkers of Canada, and can be found a festival’s and celebrations towing over the crowd sharing “high-fives”.

Voice Cast

Salmon - Anthony Hunchak

Baboon and Warthog - Rico Pisco

Spider and Raccoon - Thomas Kassian

Peacock and Creature Voice - Gomathi Boorada

Cat and Goose - Meegan Sweet

Additional Voices - Mark Henderson, Brittany Hinse

October/November, 2021 Virtual School Tour

Photo by Marc J Chalifoux

2021 Thousand Faces Festival:

A String of Mythic Pearls

From left to right: Rico Pisco, Gomathi Boorada, Thomas Kassian, Meegan Sweet, Anthony Hunchak, Braden Guido.


Anthony Hunchak - Salmon

Rico Pisco - Baboon and Warthog

Thomas Kassian - Spider and Raccoon

Gomathi Boorada - Peacock

Meegan Sweet - Cat and Goose

Braden Guido - Assistant Puppeteer

Madeline Blondal - Assistant Puppeteer

Other Members of the Production Team

Brian Raine - Composition and Sound Design

Galen Hite - Stage Manager

Braden Guido - Assistant Stage Manager

Shreela Chakrabartty - Director of Photography

Chris Hicks - Production Manager

Adam Bucyk - Studio Technical Director

Maxime Lamache - Technician/Camera Operator

Jennifer Spencer - Vocal Coach

Aidan McBride - Thousand Faces Festival Producer

February, 2022 Virtual School Tour

From left to right: Brittany Hinse, Gomathi Boorada, Amanda Samuelson, Anthony Hunchak, Meegan Sweet, Rico Pisco.


Anthony Hunchak - Salmon / Assistant Puppeteer

Gomathi Boorada - Salmon / Assistant Puppeteer

Rico Pisco - Baboon and Warthog

Brittany Hinse - Spider and Raccoon

Amanda Samuelson - Peacock

Meegan Sweet - Cat and Goose

Braden Guido - Assistant Puppeteer

Other Members of the Production Team

Brian Raine - Composition and Sound Design

Galen Hite - Stage Manager

Braden Guido - Assistant Stage Manager

Shreela Chakrabartty - Director of Photography

Maxime Lamache - Studio Technician

Aidan McBride - Thousand Faces Festival Producer

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