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Anannya Biswas

Odissi Dancer

At 17, an age when most of us are uncertain in mind and thought, Anannya Biswas already knew what she wanted. The desire for adventure and the unquenching drive for knowledge took her to Canada, one of the most humanitarian economies of the developed world. In an unknown land, she carved a niche for herself, pursuing a degree in business and marketing. Her hard work and efforts paid off and she was rewarded with a highly successful career as a business development executive within Canada’s gas and oil sector.

But before she was a corporate high flyer, Anannya was a dancer. Her youth was dedicated tothe art of Odissi, one of the oldest art forms in India and her eternal love. After eight years away from her homeland and her art, she decided to come back to her roots to relive her one true passion. Anannya decided to immerse her self once more into Odissi, wholeheartedly and sans any hesitation.

As a part of the senior ensemble of her dance school, the OdissiNatya Sala, Anannya has performed across India. Her performances, which are many in number, are memorable and exhibit her proficiency in the form. Her most notable performances were at the esteemed Khajuraho Dance Festival (2016),the Delhi Youth Festival (2016) and a special choreography from her guru– Agnikanya (Lady of Fire) at the Rabindra Mandapin Bhubaneshwar, Orissa (2016).

Her dedication and hard-work are parts of her personality that reflect in every aspect of her life. She continues to perform at venues across Canada to share her love for Odissi with her international audiences.. She practices intensely,

everyday, to improve on her form and out-perform herself. At present, Anannya is based in Calgary, where she continues to pursue her professional life and aspires for an MBA in finance even as her long standing love affair with Odissi continues to thrive and be an integral part of her existence.


Anannya Biswas