A multicultural feast of myth and food
 A String of Mythic Pearls 



 OCTOBER 15th and 16th, 2021

Doors + Drinks: 6:30 pm MST
Dinner: 7:15 MST
Mythic Splendor all night long


At the Alberta Avenue Community Center (9210 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 0N4)

This Year Featuring Traditional Chinese Myths accompanied by Lion Dancing and Original Music, South Asian Classical Dance, Poetry, Puppetry, with a free feast of delicious treats from the Ave!

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When the mightiest of the river gods, the Golden Dragon King, is provoked by a foolish man, the enraged waters of the Yellow River threaten to overwhelm the village. Priests and villagers alike scramble to appease the Golden Dragon King without success, until a simple storyteller steps forward. Combining live storytelling by Ruoh-Yeng Chang and performances by harpist Jia Jia Yong and the 5 Elements Drums and Lion Dance Crew, Tales for a River god weaves together Chinese folktales and captivating performances in a celebration of the wonder and power of stories.

Tales from a River god

Festival Studio Director: Adam Bucyk

Festival Designer: Skye Grinde

Festival Production Manager: Chris Hicks