As the proud owner of the new bar “The Rainbow Sheep” Doni has always embodied the idea of a true Party Animal. However, when a new trainee comes into the bar, Doni does his best to impart his wisdom into this young employee and keep the party going while being bombarded with interjecting personalities all wanting to share their experiences and emotions.  Filled with a desire to connect authentically to this new friend and a fear of being seen, Doni will have to come face to face with an incident in his past and come to terms with the reality of who he has always been. “Party Animal” explores how a splintered existence can lead to internal conflict and a loss of self.

Content warning: The show contains subject matter themes of Alcohol, swearing, mental health, physical abuse, death, trauma and puppetry


Recommended ages 16+

Party Animal.png

Andres Moréno

A proud Colombian-born artist living in  

Amiskwacîwâskahikan, otherwise known as Edmonton. 


I would like to thank everyone who has graciously given me their time, and creative energy to help me in the creation of this piece.


  • Brittany Hinse : Assist

  • Cristian Jonsson: Animation

  • Brendan James Boyd : Puppet Mentor

  • Resse Scott: Puppet Coaching