New Mythic Works Series

The Thousand Faces Festival put out a submission call to Edmonton playwrights

for short 10-20 minute plays based in and around mythology.

A blind jury selected 5 plays from the submissions.

Workshop performances of these 5 plays took place on July 8th and 9th, 2022.

The Chosen Plays


Homeric Hymn of Demeter, Kind Of                      


Mango of the Dead                                                    

Sisyphus, Happy                                                        

by Liam Monaghan                                                                              

by Samantha Fraughton                   

by Liam Salmon                                                                   

by Kijo Gatama                                                  

by Calla Wright                                                       

Our Mandate

Our Mission is to foster the creation of mythic stories at the root of our cultures and share those stories with culturally diverse audiences so we may find we are all connected at the root. 

“Myth basically serves four functions. The first is the mystical function,... realizing what a wonder the universe is, and what a wonder you are, and experiencing awe before this mystery....The second is a cosmological dimension, the dimension with which science is concerned – showing you what shape the universe is, but showing it in such a way that the mystery again comes through.... The third function is the sociological one – supporting and validating a certain social order.... It is the sociological function of myth that has taken over in our world – and it is out of date.... But there is a fourth function of myth, and this is the one that I think everyone must try today to relate to – and that is the pedagogical function, of how to live a human lifetime under any circumstances.” 

- Joseph Campbell, 
The Power of Myth