Bring the wonder of Tololwa M. Mollel’s storytelling to your school this spring! Your students will relish this three-part performance by him which features the following:


“Song of the Great Molder”
Through his self-willed and capricious song, far from confident Great Molder molds his first four beings: a bunny, a lion, a man and a woman. An odd mix. And a dangerous one when Great Molder discovers that Death has also crept in, prematurely. It must be stopped, he realizes, if he is to create Life as it should be, on the freshly molded earth.  

“The Six-some Curse”
Zeki the Hunter of Forest Town has vanished, and assumed dead, in a nearby forest inhabited by spirits. It takes Zeki’s aggrieved mother and his six sons to find out what happened to him and to attempt to bring him back, battling the Six-some curse and its dreaded wielder, Spirit Tusimwa.  

“Rhino’s Boy”

In a tale an old man tells a young man, a divine prophesy accompanies a newborn into the world: a rhino will kill the boy before he has become a man; nothing else shall have the power to kill him. The boy’s family and community work to prevent the prophecy from fulfilling itself. What happens in the tale brings about a special bond between the old man and the young man in real life.

With his roots as a theatre actor and dramatist in Canada where he lives and Tanzania where he grew up, Tololwa is a theatrical performer of stories he writes for the stage. At times he performs solo, other times with co-performers.  A mix of the storyteller’s art and that of the actor-performer characterize Tololwa’s performances, which he does through enactment, audience engagement, selective use of props and costume pieces, movement, and at times song. He performs for all ages. His last play, “Anthem of Life”, was produced for the Thousand Faces Festival in 2017. 

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